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Dobot Magician, an educational multifunctional desktop robotic arm

Dobot is a tool-equipped robotic arm able to transport parts, identify them through artificial vision and AI, 3D printing as well as laser engraving functions.

Fable, a modular robot

Through modular coding you will be able to control its robotic arm movements and represent emotions on its face.

Robot Gomer, a funny robot

Gomer is a fun interactive robot whom you will be able to play, grab objects autonomously, plus you can have a live view through the accMobile app and learn coding.

Mars Curiosity Rover, challenge on Mars

A car-sized rover designed to explore on Mars as a part of Nasa’s mission, you can become an aerospace engineer.

Cozmo, AI robot

A fun-loving robot who expresses and recognizes emotions, play games with and have fun. Also, you can level up your programming skills.

Tokymaker, make your own invention in 5 minutes

Learn easily the fundamentals of electronics with a huge variety of sensors, graphic programming and creativity problem solver.

Micro:bit, a tiny electronic board

Micro:bit is designed to make it easier to learn coding, creating simple animations or more complex projects.

Logitow, interactive building blocks

Smart blocks become on-screen animations in your tablet and allow kids to play with its incredible 3D world in real time.

Marty, printable mini-robot

Marty is a customizable robot using 3D-printed parts. It lets you learn programming, electronics and mechanical engineering in a fun way.

Playtable, digital table

PlayTable is a large digital interface learning platform with games and software with an educational purpose.

Robo wunderkind, a programmable modular robot

Robo Wunderkid is a kit of blocks designed to teach children the basics of robotics and coding through creative designs while they are learning programming.

Strawbees, building game

Strawbees is a kit based on simple units called Strawbees that let you connect straws to each other and build mechanical objects specially indicated to Elementary School education.