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Dobot is an all-in-one robotic arm for education. It comes with different kits (heads) that can be changed according to the needs: clamp, sujetabolis, 3D printing, vacuum pump, laser engraver, other heads printed in 3D … It also comes with other kits such as track rail, conveyor belt; and the image treatment for object recognition. To control the Dobot you can use the PC, mobile, gestures, voice, programming … It comes with a software which can integrate new features to those already included: it is programmed by Blocky or Phyton.

Data sheet

  • Package Content: Dobot Magician
  • Vacuum pump Kit
  • Gripper
  • Writing and Drawing Kit
  • 3D Printing Kit
  • Bluetooth Module
  • Wifi Module
  • Laser Engraving Kit
  • Joystick Control Kit